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All-Terrain LENTRY® Lighting Systems are bright, mobile, telescopic units that light large areas for hours at a time regardless of the terrain. LED & halogen lights are instant-on/instant-off and emit up to 28,000 lumens per light head. The original LENTRY Systems offer up to 2200 watts of computer-safe power, while the new LENTRY Utility Systems include a Utility Stand & Adapter for those who already have power. All LENTRY Systems include independently adjustable legs for fast, easy, one-person deployment on any terrain (hills, snow, standing water...). When not in use, the legs retract and the light heads / poles disconnect with the simple turn of a knob. LENTRY Systems are manufactured by Ventry Solutions, Inc. in Hauser, ID USA.

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14128 N Hauser Lake Road Hauser, ID 83854

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